5 Tips on ...

(webinar in English)

Thursday 04/06/2020

Panel PAAO-YO Objective: Attendees will receive information from the YOs about Corneal Topography, Ocular Ultrasound, OCTA and UBM. The YO speakers will share their personal experience with the attendees. The presentations will be interactive and followed by Q&A.

Dra. Bruna Ventura (Brazil) - 5 tips on Corneal Topograpy
Dr. Victor Villegas (Puerto Rico) - 5 tips on Ocular Ultrasound
Dra. Linda Cernichiaro-Espinosa (Mexico) - 5 tips on OCTA
Dr. Manuel Justiniano (Bolivia) - 5 tips on UBM

Moderators: Jorge Fortun (USA) & Juan Carlos Ginés (Paraguay)

PAAO Coordinator: Eduardo Viteri Jr. (Ecuador)

Webinar organized in conjunction with the PAAO-YO.