PAAO-YO Webinar: What I Would Change in My Career if I Could Start Over.
(webinar in Spanish and English)

Thursday 04/02/2021

imageThis webinar is about life experiences from different, very well-known ophthalmologists in America. We want young ophthalmologists to learn from our speakers, what they should do different if they could start over their professional career.

  Dr. Nicolas Crim (Argentina)

  • María Berrocal (Puerto Rico)
  • José Antonio Roca (Peru)
  • André Maia (Brazil)

  Cynthia Qian (Canada)
  Luis Haddock (USA)

PAAO Coordinator:
  Eduardo Viteri Jr. (Ecuador)

Webinar organized in conjunction with PAAO-YO.

After the live webinar, you must log in to CampusPAAO and register for the webinar to view the recordings. / 

Después del webinar en vivo, debe ingresar a CampusPAAO y registrarse en el webinar para ver las grabaciones.