Hot innovations from AECOS

(webinar in English)

Wednesday 20/07/2022

AECOS (American-European Congress of Ophthalmic Surgery) organizes 3 scientific meetings annually focused on innovations in eye surgery. AECOS Europe President Pavel Stodulka selected several hot innovations from AECOS members for this PAAO webinar. 


1. Pavel Stodulka (Czech Rep.), AECOS Europe President and Helena Filipe (Portugal): Introduction of webinar and update on AECOS 

2. Breyer Detlev (Germany): Visumax 800 – first experience 

3. Pavel Stodulka (Czech Rep.): Corneal inlay: new option from bio-synthetic collagen 

4. Viridiana Kocaba (Netherlands): Bowman layer onlay transplantation for keratoconus 

5. Arthur Cummings (Ireland): Bynocs: Computer-based training software, amblyopia and neuroadaptation 

Chairman: Pavel Stodulka (Czech Republic), AECOS Europe President Co-chairman: Arthur Cummings (Ireland), AECOS Europe Education Committee Chairman 

PAAO Coordinator: Dr. Helena Filipe (Portugal)



Dr. Pavel Stodulka PhD FEBOS-CR (Czech Republic)

  • Gemini Eye Clinics, Czech Republic
  • AECOS Europe President


Dr. Breyer Detlev (Germany)

  • Eye Surgery und Premium Eyes, Düsseldorf, Germany


Dr. Viridiana Kocaba MD PhD (Netherlands)

  • NIIOS (Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery), Netherlands
  • Clinical research supported by AECOS Europe Research Grant


Dr. Arthur Cummings MD FRCSEd (Ireland)

  • Wellington Eye Clinic, Ireland
  • AECOS Europe Education Committee Chairman

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