Tumors / Tumores

Virtual International Symposium #5
Intra Ocular Tumors in Adults.

(webinar in English)

Monday 01/06/2020

PAAO Virtual International Symposium #5Fifth in a series of nine, Monday 4 May through Monday 29 June, 2020), at 4PM Eastern, 3PM Central, 2PM Mountain and 1PM Pacific.

Session 5 Program:

  1. Uveal melanoma: what you need to know
    Dr. Rubens N. Belfort Neto
    At the end of the presentation the participant will be able to diagnose choroidal melanoma, understand the main differential diagnosis and learn how to use tools available via telemedicine to help determine the best way to treat each patient.

  2. Uveal Melanoma 2020
    Dr. Carol Shields
    In this presentation I will update the audience on
     - new risk factors to determine choroidal nevus growth to melanoma
     - new uveal melanoma classification from the NIH
     - new treatment for uveal melanoma.

  3. Molecular Insights in Uveal Melanoma and Liquid Biopsy
    Dr. Julia Valdemarin Burnier
    At the end of the presentation, the participant will be able to
     - Understand the general genomic aspects of UM and how they relate to prognosis
     - Distinguish between different liquid biopsy techniques
     - Possess knowledge on liquid biopsy approaches for ocular melanoma.

Moderator & Speaker

Rubens N. Belfort NetoRubens N. Belfort Neto (Brazil)

  • Professor of Ophthalmology, Paulista School of Medicine (EPM)


Carol ShieldsDr. Carol Shields (USA)

  • Director, Ocular Oncology Service, Wills Eye Hospital
  • Professor of Ophthalmology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

Julia V. BurnierDr. Julia Valdemarin Burnier PhD (Canada)

  • Assistant Professor, Gerald Brofman Department of Oncology and Department of Pathology, McGill University
  • Investigator, RI-MUHC, Cancer Research Program
  • Research Director, McGill University