Ophthalmic Trauma

(webinar in English)
**no simultaneous translation**

Wednesday, 24/05/2023

1- Traumatic Ocular Neuropathies ... Ahmad Nassef
2- Orbital and Eye Lid Trauma ... Tareik Aldoais
3- Dos and Don’ts in corneal Trauma ... Nancy Al Raqqad
4- The Lens and the Damage Done: A look at lens Management ... Ammar Issa
5- Traumatic Glaucoma secondary to blunt Trauma ... Amel Ouertani
6- Perforating / Penetrating Ocular Trauma ... Hassan Mortada

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Badla MD (UAE), Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Abdelrahman MD FRCSED (Egypt)

Coordinator: Dra. Helena Filipe (Portugal)



Prof. Dr. Ahmad Nassef MD

 • Watany Eye Hospital
 • National Eye Center
Credentials, as neuro-ophthalmology consultant:
 • Doctorate degree
 • Fellow and Examiner of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow
 • Research Fellow Neuro-ophthalmology Will’s Eye Hospital Philadelphia


Prof. Dr. Tariek Aldoais MD

• Ophthalmic consultant


Prof. Dr. Nancy Al Raqqad MBBS JBO FRCS

• Head of cornea specialty at Royal Medical Services


Prof. Dr. Ammar Issa FRCS CABOphth MBChB

• Consultant Ophthalmologist
• Hospital Director
• Ibn Al Haitham Teaching Eye Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq


Prof. Dr. Amel Meddeb-Ouertani

• Glaucoma Specialist at the Clinique Ophtalmologique de Tunis
• Executive Vice-President of the Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology “MEACO”
• President of the Middle East Africa Glaucoma Society “MEAGS”
• Member of the Ophthalmic Education Consortium Advisory Committee
• Scientific Director of the North African Center for Sight


Prof. Dr. Hassan Mortada MD

• Master degree of ophthalmology May 1981
• MD. Ophthalmology May 1988
• Retina fellowship Illinois University, USA 1986 - 1987
• Induction into Retina Hall of Fame 2021/2022



Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Badla MD

• President of the Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO)
• Vitreoretinal Surgeon at Suliman Al-Habib Hospital, Dubai, UAE


Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Abdelrahman MD FRCSED

• Professor of Ophthalmology, Consultant Glaucoma Surgeon, Cairo University, Egypt
• Founding President of the Egyptian Society for Continuous Ophthalmic Education (EGSCOE)
• Secretary General of the Middle East African Glaucoma Society (MEAGS)
• Founder and Director of the Giza Specialized Eye Center



Dr. Helena Filipe MD MMEd

• Webinar Coordinator, Portuguese-language area, Campus PAAO
• PAAO Vice President, 2022-2025
• Hospital Egas Moniz, West Lisbon Hospitals Center (Portuguese NHS), Unit of Ocular Surface and Cornea
• Egas Moniz Interdisciplinary Research Center (CiiEM)


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